Bhutan Red Cross Society

The Queen’s selfless service seals place in nation’s heart. Selfless service is not only a job or task to be done, it is an act of healing, of opening hearts and of radiating love and that truest define Her Majesty’s compassionate character. The truest form of selfless service by our queen.In gratitude for the continued blessings and to re-affirm our dedication to our President, Bhutan Red Cross Society celebrated the day by planting Bodhi tree. The volunteers in the branches organized cleaning campaign and the headquarter team led by the Secretary General participated in a blood donation drive organized by His Majesty’s Secretariat. While our events always lift humanitarian effort, on this significant day, Bhutan Red Cross Society adopted the 20 district crematoriums to timely clean them and to advocate about living clean.

With Bhutan Taxi Association

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