Bhutan Red Cross Society

Amidst the tragedy of the pandemic in times of uncertainty and instability the visit by Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen, our Beloved President reassured our strength and teamwork at our COVID-19 lockdown Control Center stationed at Jungshina Primary School. Her Majesty wished everyone safety and health as a prior condition as we forge ahead with the blessings and lead from His Majesty The King to get everyone to the other side of this pandemic. The volunteers deployed at the cremation ground for the funeral management, dead body management, and for the testing sample collection sincerely thanked Her Majesty for the blessings through the refreshment gift personally gifted by Her Majesty during the visit to the Control Center..

The volunteers and the operation team at the Control Center could not be more happier and privileged to receive the blessings from Her Majesty through the packed sumptuous refreshment personally gifted by Her Majesty at the Control Center after a long day on duty. Redefining our strength, we (Bhutan Red Cross Society and our sister organization Bhutan Taxi Association )are ever stronger to serve Their Majesties and the country. Together with our sister organization we pay Palden Drukpa Gyelo.

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